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125th Legislative Session Wrap-Up

by Ashley Lidow on Jun 6, 2024

As we look back over the past two years, it’s clear that the collaborative efforts between WREN and our dedicated partners have yielded significant progress in the 2023-2024 South Carolina legislative session. This period has been marked by tireless advocacy, strategic partnerships, and a steadfast commitment to advancing the rights and well-being of women and

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Governor signs gender-affirming care ban into law

by Kelli R. Parker on May 22, 2024

WREN is immensely disappointed that Governor McMaster signed the discriminatory House Bill 4624 into law yesterday, cruelly banning medically necessary healthcare for transgender youth and some adults in South Carolina. It is truly disheartening that, in a time when urgent issues like failing schools, gun violence, and the plight of families living on the margins

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S.C. Senate Votes to Ban Medically Necessary Care for Trans Youth

by Kelli R. Parker on May 3, 2024

WREN is outraged that the South Carolina Senate voted to pass the dangerous and discriminatory House Bill 4624, cruelly banning medically necessary healthcare for transgender people. This unconscionable law directly attacks the fundamental rights, well-being, and human dignity of our transgender neighbors, friends, and family members. Rather than prioritizing the real issues facing South Carolinians

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Victory in the Fight to End Period Poverty 

by WREN on Apr 30, 2024

Victory in the Fight to End Period Poverty  WREN applauds the South Carolina Senate for unanimously passing a bill to remove the sales tax on menstrual products such as pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. We hope the Governor will sign the bill into law. By removing the regressive “tampon tax,” South Carolina has taken a

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 A Look Back at Our Wins  

by Demetria Mosley on Mar 20, 2024

 The Women’s Rights & Empowerment Network (WREN) is committed to creating positive change thoughtfully and intentionally. We have partnered with communities most affected by the issues we address to advocate for change. WREN understands that achieving systemic change requires the involvement of those most affected. Therefore, we prioritize inclusion in our advocacy efforts. Our ultimate

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WREN’s 2024 Legislative Priorities

by Kelli R. Parker on Jan 18, 2024

Happy New Year! January 9 was the start of the 2024 Legislative session and, even though the year has just begun, we’re already working to advocate against the state’s continued attacks on bodily autonomy. In less than two weeks, a bill that would ban gender-affirming care for people under 18 has quickly moved from the

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Here’s why childcare is in danger in South Carolina 

Sep 18, 2023

A federally funded program that supported stabilizing the childcare industry during the COVID pandemic is coming to an end on September 30. Without this money, South Carolina’s childcare providers may struggle to stay open for business.    The Background   The American Rescue Plan (ARP) provided childcare programs in our state, and across the nation, with funding

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Abortion is still legal up to 22 weeks in South Carolina!

May 31, 2023

BIG NEWS: The 6-week abortion ban that passed the South Carolina General Assembly has been BLOCKED by a judge, and abortion is still legal up to 22 weeks in South Carolina! Last week was a very tough week, but we ended it with a sense of relief, gratitude, and determination for the ongoing fight ahead. 

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It’s the Final Countdown!

by WREN Staff on Apr 21, 2023

It’s the final countdown to the end of the first year of South Carolina’s two-year legislative session. We have been working incredibly hard all session long, and need your help to finish this year strong! With 9 legislative days left, here’s what’s left on our list: 3 bad bills to defeat 2 great bills to

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Update: South Carolina’s Anti-Abortion bill H.5399 ends

by WREN Staff on Nov 10, 2022

Yesterday, South Carolina representatives decided to PAUSE discussing abortion until next year’s legislative session. This decision happened after months of protesting and advocating against banning abortion in SC. What does this mean? The debates on anti-abortion bill H.5399 have ended but discussions on banning abortion have not! We will still advocate for access to abortion