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Four Historical Women from South Carolina  

by Demetria Mosley on Mar 26, 2024

South Carolina has a fascinating history and culture, enriched with inspiring stories of brave individuals who raised their voices to uphold justice, equality, and human rights.    As we celebrate Women’s History Month, WREN would like to express heartfelt gratitude to the women who displayed incredible strength and courage while dedicating their lives to freedom. We

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Calling All Advocates!

by Advocacy Team on Apr 21, 2022

Take Action TODAY Against Anti-Trans Bills The SC House recently passed H.4608, a bill that would prohibit transgender students from participating in student sports. To categorically deny transgender students the freedom to play alongside their peers is completely at odds with lawmakers’ duties to care for and protect our youth. Click the following link to

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In Final Weeks of South Carolina Legislative Session, Organizers Will Unite to Defeat Anti-Transgender Sports Bill and Healthcare Discrimination Bill

by SC United for Justice and Equality on Apr 15, 2022

Organizers successfully held off many extreme bills from advancing by last week’s crossover deadline; now, all attention turns to H.4776 and H.4608 COLUMBIA, SC – Last week marked the crossover deadline for South Carolina’s legislature – the date by which legislation must be approved by one legislative chamber in order to be considered for the

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Pro-Truth SC Coalition Condemns the Fast-Tracking of an Educational Censorship Bill

by SC Pro Truth Coalition on Apr 1, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC— The South Carolina Pro-Truth in Ed Coalition will host a press conference at the African-American History Monument at the statehouse this Saturday, April 2 at 11 AM. Members of the SC House of Representatives have fast-tracked a new committee bill that would censor the teaching of truthful history in SC classrooms without giving

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WREN Statement in Opposition to H.4608 

by Ashley Crary Lidow, MPH on Mar 10, 2022

Presented to the House Education K-12 subcommittee on March 10, 2022  Thank you, Chairwoman Felder, and members of the subcommittee, for the opportunity to testify today. My name is Ashley Lidow, she/her, and I am the Director of Policy and Government Relations for the Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network (WREN), a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization with a

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Melissa Moore Testimony on School Censorship Bills

by Melissa Moore on Mar 2, 2022

On Tuesday, March 1, 2022 the House Education Committee heard testimony  Melissa Moore, a community advocate and WREN’s Lowcountry Manager gave the testimony below:  Thank you for your commitment to hearing public testimony. I’ve been in other hearings this session where the public was silenced, which feels like a grave threat to the democratic process.

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Testimony of National Advocates for Pregnant Women to the Medical Affairs Committee of the South Carolina Senate in Opposition to S.988

by National Advocates for Pregnant Women on Feb 7, 2022

January 24, 2022 Thank you for the opportunity to address this Committee. On behalf of National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW), we respectfully submit this written testimony in opposition to a S.988. We are a non-partisan legal advocacy organization dedicated to the welfare of pregnant people and their families. Our testimony draws on over 20

Advocate Stories

Take Action to Stop Abortion Restrictions

by WREN Staff on Feb 1, 2022

Click here to take action on S.907 (Medication Abortion Misinformation Bill) Click here to take action on S.988 (Abortion Ban and Personhood Bill) Learn more about the bills below. 907 – Medication Abortion Misinformation Bill  Medication abortion, referred to as “chemically-induced abortion” by anti-abortion extremists, has become the most common method of abortion across the