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Can’t stop won’t stop…Fighting for gender equity in SC

by Ashley Lidow on May 13, 2019

As the 2019 session comes to a close you may find me frolicking around Columbia singing songs about being free and enjoying the summer, but do not let that fool you; we at WREN do not stop working when the legislature adjourns.

In fact, the off session is a great time to organize and make deeper connections with legislators and the community. Join us in some off session activities to keep your civic engagement up while the legislators are in your home districts:

These events will provide an overview of the first year of our two-year legislative session and you’ll hear from advocates and legislative leaders about their experiences and what they’re anticipating for 2020.

This training will provide information on the mission and legislative goals of WREN. Attendees of this training will also learn South Carolina-specific information on the legislative process and how to advocate for effective and beneficial policies that elevate the status of women in our state. If you have a group or organization that is interested in receiving an Advocacy 101 training, contact us at info@scwren.org.

Building relationships with your legislator is crucial to engaging in the legislative process. You can make an individual meeting to discuss matters that are important to you like pay equity, invite them to come speak at a meeting for a community group that you are a part of, or you can invite them to come see the work you are doing to better your community. All of these options will give you a chance to connect and inform your legislator.

To find the phone number to contact your legislator while they are back in the district visit scstatehouse.gov, go to their member page, and then use the number listed under the home address.  Below is the example using my Representative, Beth Bernstein.

You can find WREN’s blog with letter templates here.

These experts work in medicine, public health, law, economics, advocacy, and more. Advisors provide input and expertise to WREN staff and board members on an as-needed basis, and from time to time, the staff or board may engage advisers in projects or initiatives. If you believe you can help, please contact alidow@scwren.org. 

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