Meet Dr. Amalia Luxardo, WREN’s New CEO

by Kelli R. Parker on Feb 1, 2024

An exciting announcement marks the dawn of a new era at the Women’s Rights & Empowerment Network (WREN). With great pleasure, we introduce the distinguished Dr. Amalia Luxardo, who will be taking the helm as our new Chief Executive Officer. With over two decades of dedicated service in the public sector, Dr. Luxardo brings a

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WREN’s 2024 Legislative Priorities

by Kelli R. Parker on Jan 18, 2024

Happy New Year! January 9 was the start of the 2024 Legislative session and, even though the year has just begun, we’re already working to advocate against the state’s continued attacks on bodily autonomy. In less than two weeks, a bill that would ban gender-affirming care for people under 18 has quickly moved from the

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What does the abortion ban mean for South Carolina?

by Kelli R. Parker on Sep 1, 2023

It’s been one week since the South Carolina Supreme Court upheld a law that bans abortion after “cardiac activity” can be detected by an ultrasound, with limited exceptions. In some cases, the so-called “heartbeat” can be heard starting at roughly the sixth week of pregnancy, which is why the law has consistently been called a


WREN’s 2022 Impact Report

by WREN Staff on Dec 20, 2022

Click the image below to read WREN’s 2022 Impact Report! As 2022 comes to a close, the word that most comes to mind as we reflect on all of you in our network is proud. During a year of unprecedented and relentless attacks on our fundamental rights, the WREN network has shown our strength, determination,

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Our Rights Are On The Ballot- Make a Voting Plan

by WREN Staff on Oct 25, 2022

The State Election Commission is reminding voters that they don’t need to wait until November to vote in the upcoming Statewide General Election. Early Voting Period Starts on Monday October 24, 2022 Any voter can visit an early voting center in their county during the early voting period and vote in person like they would

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H.5399 Sent to Conference Committee

by Ashley Lidow on Oct 24, 2022

After months of protests and objections by health care providers, advocates, and the majority of South Carolinians, the South Carolina Legislature is still pushing to pass H.5399.     On Tuesday, October 18, the Senate voted to “insist” on their version of H.5399. Now the bill will be sent to a conference committee made up of 3

Policy Updates

H. 5399 Moves to SC Senate- Details to take action!

by Ashley Lidow on Sep 2, 2022

After thousands of South Carolinians raised their voice in opposition and hundreds packed the statehouse the House of Representative passed an extreme abortion ban on August 30. This means that H.5399 will now go to the Senate for debate. South Carolina already has an extreme abortion law on the books and while it was in


Watch WREN CEO Ann Warner on CNN

by WREN Staff on Jul 21, 2022

WREN CEO Ann Warner talked to @TheLeadCNN (2:48-3:05) about the devastating economic consequences that abortion bans will have in South Carolina, and how important fighting back to protect the health and economic well-being of South Carolinians is now more than ever.  


24 Hours Post-Roe: We Need You in This Fight

by Kate Mayer on Jun 25, 2022

It’s been 24 hours since we got the news about the Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate the constitutional right to abortion. As we promised you yesterday, WREN’s not backing down. Not now. Not ever. Our network of 40,000+ strong was built for this. When the going gets tough, the WREN nest gets going. And, now