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Anti-abortion politicians pass misinformation bill to force providers to lie about medication abortion

by WREN Staff on Apr 27, 2022

SOUTH CAROLINA– Today, anti-abortion politicians in the House voted to pass a new medication abortion misinformation bill (H. 4568). In response, Ann Warner, CEO of the South Carolina Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network (WREN) has released the following statement:

“This bill is the latest in anti-abortion politicians’ attack on our freedoms and health. If it becomes law, the bill will perpetuate misinformation and stigmatizing rhetoric, and force doctors to lie to their patients about medication abortion. There is no credible scientific evidence behind this bill– it is full of claims that are medically inaccurate, misleading, and could be harmful to patients’ health. 

“The extremist lawmakers who insist on continuing to push anti-abortion bills are pulling out all the stops to ignore medical best practices seize control over our reproductive health care decisions. We urge the Senate to halt this bill and any other anti-abortion measures that politicians concoct, which punish pregnant people and their doctors while doing nothing to address the real issues in our state’s health care system, including the staggeringly high Black maternal mortality rate. We will continue to push back on these bills and advocate for gender justice in South Carolina until every person has the power to make their own decisions about if, when or how to have children, without fear of judgment or political interference.”

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WREN, the South Carolina Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network, is the only state-wide gender justice advocacy organization in South Carolina, and one of the leading organizations dedicated to gender research, advocacy, and organizing in the nation.

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