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ACTION ALERT: Call your Senators in Support of Healthcare Access

by WREN Staff on Jun 27, 2017

Your United States Senators need to hear from you today.

The Senate healthcare bill, known as the “Better Care Reconciliation Act,” is a threat to the health of South Carolinians. It would hurt women, children, and families by massively cutting health coverage and benefits, including:

These are only a few examples of how this bill would hurt women, children, and families in our state.

Senate leadership wants to bring this to a vote before the July 4 recess. Time is of the essence. Please call your Senators today to tell them that you oppose health care legislation that harms women, children, and families in your community. By clicking here, you can access our automatic patch-thru call system that will easily connect you to your elected officials.

Want an easier way to share this action alert? When you text “SC TAKES ACTION” to 52886, WREN will send you a custom link where you can access our same patch-thru system on-the-go.  Share this keyword with others as a way to mobilize your community.

The time to act is now. Join us in taking action today.

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