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4,208 Reasons for Celebration

by Eme Crawford on Aug 8, 2017

Over the past 24 hours I watched a few amazing things happen:

  1. When a call went out yesterday from WREN that the State Board of Education was voting for a second and final time on revisions that would make our Health and Safety Education Standards comprehensive and evidence-based,  over 275 advocates sent 4,208 emails of support to Board members;
  2. Organizations like League of Women Voters of the Charleston Area, AAUW, Charleston Chapter of Sigma Xi, and  NCBW (National Coalition of 100 Black Women) rallied their members to contact Board members as well;
  3. And finally, with this kind of grassroots support, it should come as no surprise the the Board voted unanimously to accept these revisions!  Click here to watch the 2:30 minute presentation and vote from today.

Students in South Carolina deserve health education programs that have been rigorously evaluated, supported by creditable scientific studies, and proven to be effective at reducing risky behaviors.  Thanks to advocates, partners and decision makers mentioned above, we’re one step closer to making quality health education a reality across our state.

Thank you to all who were a part of this victory and keep taking action and changing the world!

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