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2020: Looking Ahead

by Wren Staff on Jan 8, 2020

South Carolina runs on 2 year legislative cycles and 2020 marks the beginning of the second year. The first day of session will begin on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. Here are a few tips to prepare for this session:


1. Download the SC Legislature App


This mobile app makes staying connected during the legislative session easier and more efficient. Use the app to follow legislation, find your legislator, and watch live footage of the legislative session. To learn more, check out our instructional blog, here.


2. Refresh yourself on our issues
This year, the legislature will revisit many of our proactive and defensive bills. To prepare for further discussion and possible votes, check out our legislative agenda. We have several resources and fact sheets for bills that we support and oppose:


Ending Child Marriage


Lactation Support


Pay Equity


12 Month Supply of Birth Control


6 Week Abortion Ban


3. Take Action


WREN made progress on several bills that would improve the lives of women and girls in the first half of this legislative session. Help us continue this momentum by taking action today!


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