Abortion is still legal up to 22 weeks in South Carolina.

Getting the Care You Need

Contact your health care provider about available options. Abortion Finder may also help you find the care you need. Visit AbortionFinder.org or text “Hello” to 435-334-6337 for a list of the abortion providers closest to you.

Tienes el derecho al aborto, y Abortion Finder te puede ayudar a recibir la atención que necesitas. Visita AbortionFinder.org/es o escribe “Hola” a 218-328-7227 para una lista de profesionales cercanos para un aborto.

Financial assistance or practical support (rides, lodging, or escorting)

Abortion funds and partner organizations may be able to help you pay for an abortion or travel out of state, if necessary. You can contact them to help you find safe, confidential and up-to-date information about abortion care and forms of support available to you.

Es posible que haya fondos para el aborto y organizaciones afiliadas que te ayuden a pagar un aborto o, si es necesario, viajar a otro estado. Te puedes comunicar con ellos para obtener información segura, confidencial y actualizada sobre la atención para el aborto y el tipo de apoyo a tu disposición.

ARC Southeast https://arc-southeast.org/get-abortion-assistance/

Carolina Abortion Fund https://www.carolinaabortionfund.org/

Questions about your legal rights and self-managed abortion?

Contact the Repro Legal Helpline to reach a free, confidential helpline where you can get information about your legal rights regarding self-managed abortion. They can give you clear, understandable answers about legal rights, what the law is, and how it has been used. They may also be able to provide you with legal advice depending on where you live and why you are contacting them. If they cannot give you legal advice, then they will try to connect you with a lawyer from our network in your state. If you have been arrested, questioned by the police, or charged with a crime for your abortion, they may also be able to help you by finding you a lawyer in your state, or working with your lawyer to help with your defense.

Visit the Plan C webpage for up-to-date information on how people in the U.S. are accessing at-home abortion pill options online.

Confronting Pregnancy Criminalization: A Practical Guide for Healthcare Providers, Lawyers, Medical Examiners, Child Welfare Workers, and Policymakers

Keep Your Abortion Private & Secure

Digital Defense Fund’s Pregnancy & Abortion Privacy Guide – Detailed instructions, limitations, and threat modeling considerations about abortion and digital security.

This guide is also available in Spanish. | Esta guía también está disponible en español.


Speaking Out About Abortion Access

Resources to deepen your understanding of the impact of abortion bans.